my dream,yesterday i dream about wang junkai.he's very handsome and cuit.i love him very much.

Wang Junkai, a famous star in China, is my favorite singer.He is tall, handsome, serious, hard-working and keep learning.藍拭伸,嶄忽广兆梧佛,頁厘恷浪散議梧返.麿

藍拭伸:査囂憧咄 J┫n k┌i W│ng 岷咎哂猟響咄:JunKai Wang 総翌壅孀匯倖哂猟兆忖匆辛參: Jim 嶄猟咎咄:耳跳 吭房頁函旗宀.

Wang Junkai (Karry), born in September 21, 1999 in Chongqing, the mainland of the belief name and other singles藍拭伸(Karry),1999定9埖21晩竃伏噐嶷伯,嶄忽坪

Wang Junkai,was bornin Chongqing in September 21,1999,Chinasinger.Captain TFBOYS.By the end of 2010 to join the TF family became atrainee in 2012,February,July

Junkai Wang, you are awesome!

昆忽: ,哂囂:Wang Junkai,隈囂:WANG Junkai,晩囂:藍(おう)拭(しゅん)伸(かい )おうしゅんかい ,躯囂:WangJunKai,密囂:藍拭伸,

This is Wang Junkai, his singing is very good, is a musician, is a middle school student, learning is great, was the idol of many people. He is very handsome, has a black head of hair, and a pair of charming eyes. Wang Junkai band at a TF Boys,There are a lot of my records.

happy birthday to Karry.Karry頁藍拭伸議哂猟兆

ou Warm My Heart Dear Sweetheart, You brought love and laughter to my empty, sad 低頼撹阻厘,低頁厘伉嶄議進李議匯俳.喟垓握低,藍拭伸

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