rope skipping跳绳

楼主你好!首先跳绳是skipping rope,但是当跳绳作为定语来修饰比赛时,两个词的顺序要改变,即rope-skipping.其次race是赛跑,而表示跳绳比赛,应该用contest一词.综上,跳绳比赛的英文:rope-skipping contest

rope skipping 英 [rup skipi] 美 [rup skipi] n. 跳绳 rope 英 [rp] 美 [rop] n. 绳,绳索 vt. 捆,绑 vi. 拧成绳状 n. (Rope)人名;(英)罗普;(芬)罗佩 skipping 英 [skp] 美 [skp] n. 跳跃;暂时把货物腾空 v. 跳过(skip的ing

rope skipping n. 跳绳 skip vi./ n.(蹦)跳;跳绳

跳绳----jumping rope

rope skipping n. 跳绳;[网络] 跳绳运动; 跳绳总动员; 一分钟跳绳;[例句]i finally learned to rope skipping!我终于学会了跳绳!

Rope skipping is an exercise game in which one or more people make various jumping actions in a looped rope. As an ancient folk entertainment activity of the Han nationality, since the Southern Song Dynasty, every year the festival has been


跳绳的英文是这样表达的:rope skipping

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