1. arrange 最佳答案arrange 及物动词,安排、布置arrangement 名词,布置、准备 2. arrangement appointment n.约会,约定arrangement n.安排;协议assemble v.集合 3. deal with cover up掩饰,掩盖deal with,对付,安排fill in/out填充,填定 4. lay out 5.lay off 解雇67.lay out 布置、安排68.lay up 贮存

安排: [ ān pái ] 1. to arrange2. to plan3. to set up 其它相关解释: <tee up> <take order with> <ordonnance> <arranging> <scheme> <arrangement> <lay out> <pregram> <arranged> <arrange for> <dispose of> <arrange> <deal with> <fix up> <fix

安排 arrange;plan;fix up;make arrangements for;

arrangeplanscheduledeal with

arrange 这是动词 arrangement 也是安排,是名词

计划的英语:plan 读音:英 [pln] 美 [pln] n. 计划;方法;策略;设计图;平面图 v. 打算;安排;计划;设计 词汇搭配:1、abolish plan 废弃计划2、accept plan 接受计划3、according to plan 根据计划4、under plan 按此计划 常见句型1、

daily schedule [deli skedul] 日程安排; [例句]Put this item on our daily work schedule.把这项工作提到议事日程上来.

计划1.plan2.project3.planning4.scheme 春蕾计划1.Spring Buds Program2.SpringBudsProgram 指令性计划1.mandatory plan2.mandatory plan;administered plan 生产计划1.production schedule2.production planning 十五计划1.the 10th Five-Year Plan2.the Tenth Five-Year Plan

i get up at half past six in the morning. after breakfast i help my parents do some housework. then i do my homework. i go to visit my friends and play basketball with them in the afternoon. in the evening, i read books, surf the internet and watch tv.

打算[dǎ suan ] plan; intend; think; mean; contemplation ; 想要[xiǎng yào] want; intend; wish; be desirous to; mean ; 想 [xiǎng] 动词1. (思索) think; ponder:例句: think of a way; try to find a solution; 想办法 have really thought of | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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