rely on.读音:英 [rla n];美 [rla n] 意思:依靠;信赖.造句:We had to rely on a compass and a lot of luck to get here. 译文:我们不得不依靠指南针和不错的运气找到这儿来.扩展资料:依靠的近义词:1、independent 读

rely on


依赖的英文解释: to rely on; to be dependent on; to depend on; to hang on; to hinge on; to lean on

靠自己on their own依靠自己depend on yourself

rely on 或者depend on


浪费:waste依靠:Rely (on)

单词是depend 或者是rely 短语是depend on rely on I want to depend on you , show me the way by my side forever I want to hold your hand ,only show you the way

depend 依靠 rely on depend on count on

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