Learn How to Say No We've all been taught that we should help people. It is the right thing to do and will make us popular with others. It may even win us favors in return. However, we must be realistic. We can't say yes to every request. If we did, we

opportunity 机会 with doubt and dismay you are smitten,怀疑和沮丧使你备受煎熬,you think there's no chance for you,son?孩子,你认为你没有机会吗?why,the best books haven't been written.为什么要这么想呢?最好的书还没有写成,the

Let me begin my speech with a replay of scenes familiar to most, if not all, of those present here today."Mum, I'm sorry, but I need 3,000 yuan for my tuition this year.""Mum, it is my friend's birthday tomorrow, I must buy her a present.""Mum, this

keep your direction 坚持你的方向 what would you do if you failed? many people may choose to give up. however, the surest way to success is to keep your direction and stick to your goal.on your way to success, you must keep your direction. it is just

My Favorite Friend My best friend is Daming.He is a good boy. He has short hair.He works hard at school. And he is good at playing football.We always piay football after school.He's hobby is collecting stamps.Now he has more zhan 200 stamps,

Three Good Friends One day, a monkey rides his bike near the river. This time he sees a lion under a tree. The lion runs at him. He is afraid and falls into the river. He can't swim. He shouts. The rabbit hears him. He jumps into the river. The rabbit

Once upon a time, there are two hungry people has been a gift from an elderly: a Yugan and a huge baskets of fresh fish. Among them, one to a fish baskets, another person to the one Yugan, so they had parted ways. Get the fish were used in situ

As everyone knows,English is very important today.It has been used everywhere in the world.It has become the most common language on Internet and for international trade. If we can speak English well,we will have more chance to succeed.

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